Sunday, October 10, 2010

Real Food Kids: Party Edition

Seth has his 5th birthday party yesterday. It was our first kid-only party. He requested the theme to be "construction". The backyard was full of sand, trucks, yellow and brown balloons and caution tape. I wanted to make sure the kids had fun, but healthy, food.

I served fruit skewers, veggie sticks and hummus in a cup, popcorn made with olive oil and sea salt, and Elana's vanilla cupcakes and chocolate frosting.

The party was everything it should be. Friends, food, laughs, a couple new toys, and lots of proud smiles from mom and dad. And guess what else? No sugar buzz at the end!

I love my little 5 year old guy. He has put me on quite a journey these past few years. This tiny person is so full of life, energy, and emotion. He is the one who put me on this path of real, traditional foods. For that, I will always be grateful.

After the party was over, Rhett and I celebrated 5 years of parenthood with a simple salmon and roasted veggie dinner. The salmon was cooked with butter, salt and pepper. I roasted the sweet potatoes and beets in some olive oil, herbamere and pepper. So simple, so satisfying, so beautiful.


  1. Great party ideas, I love the caution tape!

  2. Dane and Neve had a blast! Thanks for being so mindful of Dane and all his food allergies. You are so thoughtful! As for the party-what a smashing success!!!

  3. That looks amazing Meg. The party table is wonderful and I love Seth's birthday shirt! I'm sure the parents of the "sugar-buzz free" kids were thankful. You're a great mom and I love you :)

  4. looks like fun! sam was looking at the pictures while I made breakfast, and when I came back in he had clicked on the picture of seth with the sand/toys and said "mom, that looks cool!" i bet the party was a success! the food, as always, looks great. happy birthday little seth!

  5. What an awesome party! And such yummy food.