Friday, September 10, 2010


I know this is a food blog, but I saw this and couldn't help but share. I'm just as passionate about homebirth as I am good food. This is one of the most wonderful birthing videos I've seen. It shows how beautiful and calm birth can be.

Click the link
Click on "our work"
Click on the video at in the top right corner


  1. That was a beautiful video. It makes me wonder if I should hire a doula next time. My home birth (with my son - now 1) was not as pretty. I had awful back labor and I got in my own little zone and didn't want anyone talking to me or touching me. I've watched a zillion home birth videos and most of them have a team helping them feel comfortable. I still prefer home birth to hospital (had my 3 yr old in hospital, induced, epidural), but wondering if every birth will be awful back labor and I'll be in that zone?

  2. I am pregnant for the first time and due in October. We're planning a water birth at home. Love hearing about others who are passionate about homebirth. :)