Saturday, July 17, 2010

july 17

Cauliflower and Bacon Hash

5 strips bacon
1 head cauliflower
4 eggs

Cut up your bacon and start frying it. When it's almost done, throw in your cauliflower. Do not drain the bacon grease. We all know that's the best part. Cook this for a while until the bacon is done and the cauliflower is soft and caramelized.

Put this in a bowl and cover it to keep it warm. Then fry up your eggs. Serve eggs on top of hash.

Serve with a salad. I used lettuce, peas, celery, and raw sunflower seeds.

Watch all the boys in your house hyperventilate over the dinner table.


  1. I miss having potatoes with eggs and never thought of using cauliflower in this way. I used cauliflower for mashed potatoes though. Thanks so much for the idea - looks awesome!

  2. Sarah - It turned out as a PERFECT potato hash substitute! It was sooooo yummy! Thanks for stopping by :) I've always been a big fan of your blog. I've got all 4 GAPS menu planners, and they are always a go-to tool for me!

  3. i just planted some cauliflower.....and that looks amazing.