Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 4

We've loosened the reigns on Seth a little bit. I chatted with a couple people who work at our Healthway today for about 20 minutes. They reminded me that the food Seth is eating really isn't all that bad. They also reminded me that autistic children are so sensitive and eating other foods might be more hard than I think. His little tummy might not be ready for what I'm trying to give him. So, I've decided to be more strict on what is a meal and what is a snack. For example, he will eat his pancakes at breakfast only. No pancakes for snacks or dinner. Snacks will be a choice of fresh fruit, veggies, smoothies, hard boiled eggs or larabars. If he chooses not to eat that, then that's his choice. After 4 days of not eating, smoothies are the only thing that he has been able to try. I'll start there. I will load up the smoothies with leafy greens, probiotics, raw egg yolks from Polyface, protein powder, etc.

Rhett got called to jury duty yesterday. I was expecting to hear from him in a couple hours, after some lame-o parking ticket trial or something. No, no. He's on a murder trial. A horribly gruesome murder trial. He's going to be gone from 7am-7pm for at least the next 2 weeks. UGH. Perfect timing, right?

I am feeling full of energy. I ate a little bit too much fruit today though. I started getting a little sugar brain fog by the end of the day. My pants are a little bit looser everyday. Finally!

Here is what we ate today....

Breakfast - Smoothies for all 4 of us. The kids had buckwheat pancakes.

Lunch - All beef Polyface hotdogs, strawberries and red peppers

Snack - The kids had leftover strawberries and red peppers. I had strawberries dipped in vanilla bean greek yogurt. Oh so good.

Dinner - More Tex Mex casserole leftovers and some fresh fruit.

Dads-working-late-mom-and-kids-snack - Smoothie with spinach, strawberries, cantaloupe and goat milk kefir.

No adult snack time tonight....I was way too buzzed from all the fruit today.

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