Sunday, May 2, 2010


I woke up feeling yucky from all the sugar yesterday. The first thing I did was drink a tall glass of room temperature water with raw apple cider vinegar in it. I'm use to the taste now and I love it. I can feel my body craving this when I've over indulged in sweets. It's so alkalizing and refreshing. It's almost like I can feel it cleaning out the gunk.

For more info about apple cider vinegar click the links

Bragg Live Foods

ACV Home Remedies

Breakfast - Mom was here so I went all out. Disclaimer - to all of my Mormon readers, I honestly forgot about fast Sunday today. I'm still nursing, so I haven't fasted since I got pregnant with Ella. It slips my mind. Anyways, we had bacon, eggs and my yummy breakfast hash.

Meg's Veggie Hash

Red potatoes, diced small
Onion, diced
Zucchini, diched
Handful of frozen spinach
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook it all up in bacon grease.

Snack - goat milk yogurt

Lunch - Sunday nachos, a ritual in our house. Blue chips, refried beans, guac. Not much to look at, but it sure is good.

Dinner - Leftovers. Salad, chicken/rice, and a bite of pizza from friday night. This chicken was even better today.

Sunday Treat - Thick, fudgey brownies. This is a recipe I got from The Spunky Coconut. They are made with almond butter, sunflower butter, eggs and honey. And a few gluten free/dairy free chips on top. I made Seth's day with these.

Sunday's are the day I meal plan for the upcoming week. Lots of good food coming up this week. Anyone want to come over for dinner? :)

*Quote for the day*

"The true cook is the perfect blend, the only blend, of artist and philosopher. He knows his worth; he holds in his palm the happiness of mankind, the welfare of generations yet unborn." -Norman Douglas

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