Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Round Up

We've been busy this weekend and I haven't had much time on the computer. So, I'm going to condense Saturday and Sunday into one post.

Here is what we ate on Saturday...

Breakfast - I soaked buckwheat on friday night and whipped up these bad boys for pancake Saturday.

Lunch - Southwestern salads from Chick-fil-a. Seth went on a temple trip with the primary, so Rhett, Ella and I went to Ikea. For some reason Ella associates going to Ikea with eating Chick-fil-a. Her pleas for chicken won over.

Dinner - We usually end up snacking on Saturdays, so we didn't have a formal dinner. Our snacks were hard boiled eggs, oranges, trail mix...cough cough ben and jerry's cough cough.

Here is what we ate on Sunday...

Breakfast - Rhett got up and cooked this fantastic breakfast for all of us. That boy knows how much I love potatoes in the morning. We had hash browns, eggs, bacon, strawberries and a smoothie. Sorry the picture is blurry. I think I was shaking in anticipation of the Polyface bacon.

Lunch - Sunday nachos, courtesy of Rhett

Dinner - Grass-fed beef burgers on lettuce, corn on the cob, and pea salad. The pea salad was so easy. I took a bag of frozen peas (defrosted) and threw it together with celery, hard boiled eggs, chunks of raw cheese and a little mayo.

Dessert - Strawberry ice cream. Take a bag of frozen strawberries and throw it in the Vita-Mix with a little water.

Happy Mother's Day! I couldn't be half the mother I am without the wonderful example of my own mother. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks sweet're mothering skills amaze me daily! I love you