Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Eats

Breakfast - Smoothies with spinach, a mix of frozen berries, egg yolks and coconut water. Oatmeal with flax seeds, raw almond slices and agave.

Lunch - Chipotle after the gym. I didn't have my camera with me.

Snacks - Green smoothie popsicles by the kiddie pool. Today's was spinach, strawberries, 2 egg yolks, probiotics and coconut water. Seth was a little "iffy" about this one. (It was a little more "green" than yesterdays) But, he did eat some of it! So proud of my boy!

Dinner - Rhett and Blake are at the farmhouse painting the exterior until Sunday. So, it was an unplanned dinner. Turkey sandwiches with mustard, raw cheese and spinach. Leftover quinoa for Ella and I. Refried beans for the boy. There will be some pretty easy mom-and-kid meals coming this weekend!

Dessert for mom - I am sitting down on the couch with a girly movie tonight and a chocolate/peanut butter shake. Green Superfood Powder (chocolate flavor) + bananas + ice + milk + peanut butter = love

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