Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sally Fallon is my hero

Breakfast - Pancake saturday. Soaked hearty oatmeal pancakes with raspberries.

Lunch - Bean and cheese quesadillas on whole wheat tortillas with guacamole.

Right after lunch my brother and I left Rhett and the kids and headed out to the country. Sally Fallon spoke at a small family farm about nutrition and children's mental/emotional health. Here are my condensed notes...

- The brain is an organ that needs to be nourished by food, just like every other organ in the body.

- The crisis among young children (autism, adhd, allergies, etc.) is a direct result of our dietary guidelines since the 1960s (industrial "foods", fats, oils, etc)

- We need saturated fats and cholesterol in our diets

- If the brain isn't getting enough sufficient saturated fats, it will create cravings for refined carbs

- Vitamin A is the number one vitamin you need when your baby is being born. This is critical to have before you get pregnant. The best sources are cod liver oil, butter, liver and egg yolks.

- Vitamin D makes endorphins in our body. Our bodies are actually designed to be "high" all the time. We are suppose to feel good from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed. If we're not making enough endorphins then we will look to drugs, thrills, sugar, addictions, etc. as substitutes.

- Vitamin K is critical for brain function. Sources are cod liver oil and high vitamin butter.

- Vitamin B12 deficiencies show themselves as obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, etc. This vitamin can only be found in animal foods. Seafood is a good source.

- Salt (real sea salt, not iodized salt) is essential. Salt helps the brain with creative thinking.

- A healthy intestinal tract (also known as "the second brain") carries 6 pounds of good bacteria. The good bacteria coats the gut and helps to eliminate toxins, digests your food, and keep yeast out. What wipes out your good bacteria? Antibiotics, fluoride, chlorine, sugar. How do you replenish good bacteria? Fermented foods, homemade sauerkraut, homemade yogurt/kefir, homemade bone broth.

- "To the young women, the entire future of the world is on your shoulders" - Sally Fallon

- The foods that a woman needs to consume during preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding to ensure a healthy baby are:
1 quart whole raw milk a day
lots of butter every day
2 eggs yolks a day
cod liver oil daily
organ meats 2-3 times/week
raw cheese from pastured animals
meat, seafood
lacto-fermented foods
all the animal fat you want
fruit and vegetables

- The best cure for morning sickness is raw milk

- The best food for babies are:
breastmilk for at least to 1-2 years
liver, pureed with butter and salt
soft boiled egg yolks

- Sally Fallon said that the way she would get her kids to take their cod liver oil was in shot glasses. She called it "cowboy whiskey shots". She would mix it with a little water or fresh orange juice. Genius.

I got to shake her hand and talk to her for a few minutes about Seth. She said he needs raw milk. Lots and lots and lots of raw milk. I told her about his sensory issues. How he has eaten the same foods for the last 3 years. She said I might want to look into zinc deficiency. She said that zinc supplementation has helped autistic kids with texture issues. I will be looking into that.

Afterwards, they served dinner. I can't believe how good this was.


  1. Wow lucky you!!! I love Sally, she seems so kind and compassionate and is very gracious!! I can't wait to go to the WAPF conference this fall!!!

  2. sounds great!...but what about those of us who can't do milk (raw or other), butter, cod liver oil, etc. does she have any suggestions for me!?

  3. Courtney, have you ever tried ghee as a butter substitute?

    It is butter that has been boiled down. It removed the lactose protein. Seth can tolerate ghee.

    As far as the milk goes...I told Sally that Seth was allergic to dairy. She said to try raw milk anyways, because it heals the gut. She said that most people are (and should be) allergic to grocery store milk. Raw dairy is different in every way. Seth being Seth, I don't think I could get it in him even if I wanted.

    Have you ever heard of Gut and Psychology Syndrome? This diet is based on the Weston A Price principles. It is suppose to heal the inner lining of the intestines and actually make it so that you don't have allergies anymore. It relies heavily on homemade broth, fermented foods, etc. If I could get Seth to eat, this is the way he would be eating. Next time I see you I can give you the book to check out.

  4. Sally Fallon is my hero too! How wonderful that you got to meet her and hear her speak. I hope for that someday. Thanks for sharing the info, I read it aloud to my husband who enjoyed it as much as I did.
    Love your blog!

  5. I remember you telling me about ghee before - but i forgot until you mentioned it again. i'll definitely try it.

    maybe we should buy a cow together? my mom said she would come teach me how to milk it. :)

    looking into GAPS - - i've heard of it (most likely from you!) but would love to find out more. thanks!!

  6. Courtney - Rhett actually mentioned buying a cow with you just a couple days ago. Once we move out to the farm, of course. :)

  7. Did you ever find anything about the zinc deficiency? My child doesn't like variety, that's for sure.
    I hope to meet you at the conference, if you see this post.

  8. The only problem with what you are doing is wheat. See "Wheat Belly":