Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Eats

Breakfast - 2 fried Polyface eggs, hash browns cooked in raw butter with grated raw cheese on top, kiwi.

Lunch - We snacked today. No pictures to show. Apples, larabars, veggie sticks, nuts, etc.

Dinner - Taco salad and watermelon for dessert. 1 pound of polyface beef cooked with an onion. Kidney beans and Fronteir taco seasoning thrown in. The layers were: lettuce, meat/bean mixture, raw cheese cubes, tomatoes, blue chips and some dressing.

As the weather is warming up I'm craving salads and fruit all day. I like this salad because it really packs some protein punch. It keeps me full like a meat and potatoes dinner, but eats like a fresh summer salad.

Sprouting in my kitchen - We're going to try a sprouted wheat/spelt bread in a couple days . So, I've got that sprouting on the counter. Am I the only one who finds a bowl of sprouting grains so primal and beautiful?

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