Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Breakfast - Leftover burrito filling scrambled up with eggs

Lunch - Turkey with spinach on sprouted bread, red pepper strips

Dinner - Hakuna Matata Potato Frittata....what a wonderful phrase. Uncle Blake came up with that title. The highlight of dinner (other than the food, of course) was hearing the kids try to say that. This tasted just as good as it looks.


Treat - I'm in the midst of making some peanut butter fudge for "no kid time".

Cute Ella

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The Gluten Free Diet

FDA Says Antibiotics In Meat A "Serious Public Health Threat".....ya think?

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  1. Looks wonderful!
    And my daughter's autism has lead me down most of this nutrition road as well :) Our children are inspirational, aren't they?